May 11

Kung Fu vs. Taekwondo 2

We are thankful for the opportunity for Brandon to spar again. Rick Ramirez from the Harlingen Sports Center Taekwondo class allowed him to spar a few of his students. We are always truly grateful for them allowing him to do this. We have asked other schools in our area to give him some sparring classes and we usually end up with a solid no.

The first partner Brandon sparred with was a new brown belt. He’s slightly older than Brandon, but Brandon has a definite size advantage. The rounds were good and Brandon was able to range his kicks better than he has in the past. He used to be too far out for most of his kicks. However, he seems to be missing very seldom now.

We were told he’s first partner is good at grappling. We hope Brandon will have a chance to grapple with him. Everyone Brandon has had the chance to grapple with recently has severely out-weighed him. He has not been able to overcome the large size difference when it comes to grappling. We know this will be fixed with aging and more training.

Brandon then sparred with his second partner. He’s second partner is a green belt that is quite a bit older and larger. Brandon enjoys fighting people who are larger than him because he feels like he gets more training out of it. I have personally seen Brandon spar grown men with some MMA backgrounds and hold his own.

We are still looking for more people for Brandon to spar with. We figure there has to be some other school in the Valley that would like to have some more people to practice with.

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