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BKO Martial Arts provides interviews from Martial Artists from all over the world. I have a deep respect for people who study any type of Martial arts. I love the art form, the history, the dedication, and the influence it has had in my life.

I currently have interviews from martial artist who are MMA Championship winners, Movies Stars,  Fitness Models, Successful Business Owners, Stunt Doubles, and many more. The individuals interviewed on this site were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules to answer questions to encourage, help, and inspire me and the readers of this site. I sincerely hope others will find the knowledge and wisdom shared by our guest as enlightening as I have.

I have attempted to put an exciting video with every interview to make the site as engaging as possible.

Please take time to comment on the interviews you like. However, I will not tolerate any trolling, attacks, spam or simply disrespectful comments towards my guest. Saying that, I do encourage differences in opinions in the interest of learning; just keep it respectful.




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About me, Brandon Odoms: This martial arts site was started a few years after I started my journey to my first black belt in Martial Arts. I am currently one promotion away from attaining a black belt in Kung Fu. I know there is a consensus in the martial arts community that many people are just handed belts in the McDojo style of promotions. However, I believe my training has been genuine and by my calculations. I have attended roughly 2600 hours of class and private lesson time. This only includes Kung Fu and not the practice I do at home. I also have over a year of training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. Since the beginning of my training, my brother and parents have also started to train.

I learn from everyone possible; those who are close to me and those who are far away. At times, schools close to me allow me to come over and train at no cost. In addition, to picking up knowledge first hand I seek out awesome martial artists from around the world to lean about their backgrounds, experience, philosophies, and view points on life. My dad and I do the second part by way of interview via email. I also share these interviews on this site in order to help others also or just to learn about really cool people.

My goals are: Obtain my 1st Black Belt by my 17th Birthday, Train in China for 3 months, Become a successful martial arts movie star.

BKO Martial Arts


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  1. Frankie

    Hi I have a question I really don’t wanna pay, is there any way you can upload different pressure points of the body that can be used against attackers to protect yourself?

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